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Wednesday, Jan. 9

With rival on ropes, Blu-ray primps for victory party

For Blu-ray Disc supporters, it's all about interactivity. Full story

NBC Uni relaunches 'Nightly News' Web site
NBC Universal relaunched the Web sites for "Nightly News With Brian Williams" and "Access Hollywood" this week in conjunction with broadcasting both programs from Consumers Electronics Show. Full story

New Line falls in line with Blu-ray
A New Line Home Entertainment spokesman confirms reports that the minimajor is following distributor Warner Home Video's lead in abandoning HD DVD and releasing all future next-generation titles only in the Blu-ray Disc format. Full story
Some Thoughts on Fancast

REEL POP BLOG: Following its CES debut, Fancast (Comcast's TV channel guide / trailer depo / streaming video portal), gets a look-see from STEVE BRYANT, who weighs in with his likes and dislikes. More

Tuesday, Jan. 8:

YouTube to your TV
REEL POP BLOG: In a deal that has potential written all over it, Google and Panasonic have announced they will work together  to get YouTube videos on Panasonic TVs; ANDREW WALLENSTEIN and STEVE BRYANT note the pros and cons. More

NBC broadcasts from CES
REEL POP BLOG: With a studio set at CES, NBC turned the Las Vega Convention Center into a miniature 30 Rock, with Brian Williams scheduled to do  his evening newscast from there tomorrow. More

Companies unite to attack piracy
NBC Universal has found new friends outside the content business to explore a different path to countering online copyright infringement. Full story

MTV spreads online reach with vid pacts
Punctuating its presence at CES, Viacom's MTV Networks said Tuesday that it has partnered with five online video sites, including Dailymotion and Veoh. Full story

Martin firm on Feb. '09 DTV switch
FCC commissioner Kevin Martin is standing firm on the deadline for the transition to digital television. Full story

NATAS keeps tech Emmy
The Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards went on as planned Monday night at the Consumer Electronics Show, though pending litigation almost forced the show's cancellation. Full story

Blu-ray software could hit $1 bil in '08
Blu-ray Disc software sales could hit $1 billion this year, according to proprietary research from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Full story

NBC.com bows midseason set

NBC.com is launching new original content tied to its series. Full story

Monday, Jan. 7:

Comcast launches TV, movie site
Comcast Corp. is looking to broadband site Fancast and a growing stable of high-definition VOD titles to headline the company's tech efforts, following months of turbulence on Wall Street. Full story

Sony TV gets celebs' help in digital push

Sony Pictures Television trotted out A-list talent including Jerry Seinfeld and Tony Bennett at the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday to tout a renewed push to drive advertising sales across digital platforms. Full story

Yang puts focus on mobile
CEO Jerry Yang highlighted Yahoo's mobile efforts Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show as his company tries to look past a difficult 2007. In a morning keynote at the Hilton, Yang hinted at Yahoo's struggles. "It's still the same old face but maybe with a different attitude," he said. "I think it's time to get Yahoo yodeling again." Full story

Playstation 3 should get to next profit level
Sony Computer Entertainment Chief Executive Kaz Hirai said the PlayStation 3 gaming console could begin turning a profit as early as the next fiscal year, thanks to declining component costs. Full story

Blu crew parties as rival retreats
What was supposed to be a showdown between the rival high-definition disc formats at the Consumer Electronics Show here turned into something of a victory celebration by the Blu-ray Disc camp. Full story

Biz groups lobby for free trade
The Hollywood studios, consumer electronics makers and the music industry have called a temporary truce and are teaming to convince lawmakers of the importance of free trade. The heads of the groups' major trade organizations told lawmakers in a letter released Monday that it was in the country's best interest to approve a number of trade agreements pushed by the Bush administration. Full story

Spotted: Seinfeld at CES
REEL POP BLOG: Look no further for evidence that CES has gone Hollywood: Jerry Seinfeld chatting with Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, co-presidents of programming and production at Sony Pictures Television. More

What will Bill Gates do next?
REEL POP BLOG: While technically an honor, a roast's real purpose is to couch unpleasant truths within the auspices of jocularity. The CES video "What with Bill Gates do Next?" is a somewhere in between, a tribute couched in the shoddy auspices of a roast. More

Conglom digital chiefs speak at CES
REEL POP BLOG: Despite high hopes, disappointing panel Monday at CES in the form of "Technology Impact: The Shaping of Hollywood Decision Making." Not a single shred of newsworthy material despite the fact it featured four senior execs shaping the digital strategy of some of Hollywood's biggest content companies. More

Panasonic 150" TV
REEL POP BLOG: Sure only a few thousands spendthrifts who have living rooms the size of Costco are going to cough up enough dough for one of the extra-large TVs on display here, but I wonder: Will the day actually come when, say, a 72" set becomes a fixture of the average home? More

Sunday, Jan. 6:

Microsoft gets in the Games

NBC Universal is partnering with Microsoft to expand its online offerings for the 2008 Olympics. Full story

007, fava beans and Xbox

Microsoft has inked a deal with MGM Studios to make more than 50 classic movies available on its Xbox Live service for the Xbox 360 console. Full story

NBC connects with CES on Web, airwaves

A live broadcast of "NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams" from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Wednesday will headline dozens of hours of NBC Universal coverage of this week's event. Full story

Interview: Robbie Bach
REEL POP BLOG: A few hours before taking the stage Sunday at his company's opening keynote, Robbie Bach, president of entertainment and devices at Microsoft, took some time out to talk about the wide range of businesses he oversees, including Xbox, Mediaroom and Windows Media Center. More

Friday, Jan. 4

Warners sides with Blu-ray in high-def battle
Warner Home Video is casting its lot exclusively with the Blu-ray Disc format, delivering what could be an eventual death blow to HD DVD. Warner -- with a market share of more than 20%, the biggest Hollywood player in the home entertainment industry -- had been the last remaining major studio to release titles in both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD. Full story

DVD group cancels preview show
The North American HD DVD Promotional Group has abruptly canceled a planned two-hour extravaganza Sunday night in Las Vegas on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show, at which it was to preview upcoming releases and show off the latest advances in special features. Full story

CES 2008 preview:

CES out to get the LED out
Jerry Seinfeld, Tony Bennett, Drew Carey, Vanna White and Alex Trebek will share a stage tonight in Las Vegas, a lineup most would kill to see. But they won't be appearing at any of Sin City's glitzy theaters: This show will be in the Sony booth at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show as part of a presentation to 250 of the high-level executives with whom Sony Pictures Television does business. Full story

HDTV manufacturers go big
Larger, flatter, higher resolution, more energy efficient and even cheaper -- that's what to expect from the HDTV set aisles, say experts. This year's twist is TV manufacturers' full-court push for HDTV sets with a 1080P display. Full story

More CES news:

NATPE executive to CES
Nick Orfanopoulos, who left the National Association of Television Program Executives in September, has signed on as a senior adviser for CEA's Consumer Electronics Show, which will begin in January. (Dec. 24) Full story

NATPE, CES conferences jockey for position
The Consumer Electronics Assn. touted a bigger presence from the entertainment industry at its upcoming convention. (Nov. 14) Full story

SPT, NBC Uni to boost CES roles in ‘08
Sony Pictures Television and NBC Universal plan to have a content-heavy presence at the 2008 International CES in Las Vegas in January. (Oct. 14) Full story