CES 2012: Will Smith, Barry Sonnenfeld, Kelly Clarkson Headline Sony Press Event

Will Smith
Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

The star and director offered a sneak peek at "Men in Black 3."

LAS VEGAS--Will Smith and director Barry Sonnenfeld showed up in Las Vegas on Monday for Sony’s Consumer Electronics Show press conference, which included a sneak peek at their upcoming Men in Black 3.

“We have a fantastic movie,” Smith told the crowd. “It was a lot of fun to make. It’s difficult because movies get bronzed in people’s memories. Barry did a fantastic job directing.”

Turning to Sony Corp.’s chief executive Howard Stringer, Smith joked, “and you did great job paying for it.”

Sony music artist Kelly Clarkson also made an appearance, singing "Mr. Know It All."

Stringer talked connectivity, noting over the next three years, Sony expects to deliver over 300 connected devices.

He also gave a warm welcome to Sony Deputy President Kazuo Hirai—tipped as Howard Stringer’s successor last week in Japanese daily Nikkei, though Sony denied that a decision has been made—who led the majority of company’s product announcements.

“Only Sony can offer true convergence of hardware, software and networked services,” Hirai said, noting Sony Entertainment Network can be used with any connected devices, offering services including Video Unlimited, which offers new movie releases; and Music Unlimited, with more than 12 million songs.

Sony continued to promote 4K—more than four times the resolution of HD—which is already offered in its digital cinema projects, and this month, through its soon to launch F65 4K professional digital cinematography camera.

Sony is extending 4K support to the living room with a 4K home theater projector, as well as a Blu-Ray player with 4K upres capabilities. The company is additionally working on 4K TVs.

Sony noted that 3D continues to evolve “While some of you many be skeptical, the numbers speaker for themselves,” Stringer said, noting that last year, 3D motion pictures grossed $6 billion worldwide.