CES 2013: Top 5 Items for Big Spenders

LG's $20,000 TV, a refrigerator that runs on Google's Android operating system and the world's "thinnest watch" make the list.

Money is for spending. And every CES offers a dazzling opportunity to do lots of it. Here's our top five items for people with a high-limit credit card and a serious shopping jones.

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1. LG's Buzz TVs

OLED and 4K were the two big-deal TV technologies at CES. Most of the big manufacturers had them in some form, but not all of them are coming to market right away. LG is the early adopter's friend, though. This March, you'll be able to pick up one of the first sizable OLED sets from them, a 55-incher. We understand if that's not enough TV for you, though. If so, stick the OLED in the bathroom and get LG's 84-inch 4K Ultra High Resolution model (four times the resolution of 1080p), which is a bargain at just $20,000.

2. The Razer Edge

Last year Razer, a high-end gaming hardware company, set tongues wagging with a prototype of their top of the line gaming tablet with controller handles grafted onto its side. It was a deeply silly idea. This year is different (mainly because they've made the controllers an optional snap-on accessory). It's essentially a gaming-optimized ultrabook guts inside a tablet running Windows 8.

It can even hook up to a TV and output HD video. Additional accessories include a mouse, a keyboard, the aforementioned snap-on controllers, and a docking cradle that can accept a normal game controller and output to a TV. Prices will start at $1000 and it will be available in the first quarter of 2013. 

3. The Zboard Pro

Nothing says conspicuous consumption like paying $950 for a skateboard. Why is this product at CES at all? Because it has an electric motor you control via pressure-sensitive footpads. Lean forward and off you go, up to 17 mph. Lean back and you brake. The Pro model has a lighter, higher-capacity Lithium-ion battery pack, giving it a 10-mile range (as opposed to the standard model's 5 miles on sealed lead-acid batteries). 

4. The Samsung T9000 Refrigerator

How have you lived this long without a refrigerator that runs the Android operating system? Samsung has done touchscreen fridges before, but this year's model has a larger screen and an improved app selection, including EverNote integration. It is expected to launch in spring 2013 for around $4000.

5. The CST-01 Watch

As watches go, $130 isn't so expensive. As items that weigh 12 grams go, it's on the spendier end. The company Central Standard Timing is the brainchild of two designers from IDEO. Their first project, the CDT-01 debuted at this year's CES as a Kickstarter  and at the time of this writing had been funded to the tune of almost a quarter million dollars in just over 2 days. That's mainly due to the striking design of the CST-01, a featherlight metal cuff with an embedded e-ink display. The amount of technology built into such a tiny space is deeply impressive. And unlike the many other techno watches at this year's CES, all this one does is tell time. Remember when watches used to do that?