CES: Cisco CEO Hails 'Internet of Everything'

John Chambers Cisco CEO - H 2014

John Chambers Cisco CEO - H 2014

In a preview of his CES keynote speech Tuesday, Cisco's John Chambers says "the Internet of everything will dwarf the benefits of the previous Internet."

LAS VEGAS – "The Internet of Everything," a buzzword at 2014 CES, refers to the relentless march toward connecting virtually anything with an on-off switch to the web, enabling devices to communicate with consumers and with each other as never before.

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"The Internet of everything will dwarf the benefits of the previous internet by a factor of tenfold -- it will be about how to bring connection of the right data to the right person at the right moment," John Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco, said during a presentation Monday at CES of the company's new cloud-based Videoscape TV services delivery platform.

The Internet of everything "is about connecting billions of devices, not millions," added Joe Cozzolino, Cicso's senior vp service provider video infrastructure. "Our primary polling of consumers indicates that 78 percent find this attractive, as simple as remote security monitoring of a house to future applications like Aging in Place," in which the elderly's medical conditions can be monitored remotely by doctors and alerts to take medications pushed automatically to TV screens in the home.

Cisco's cloud-based Videoscape will give service and media companies more agility in creating content faster and more cheaply, Cozzolino said.

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NBC plans to use the technology during its broadcasts of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, to stream live events and cloud-based on-demand video during the Games.