CES: Sharp Unveils TV Set That Goes "Beyond 4K"

Courtesy of Sharp

The 80-inch Ultra HD TV uses pixel-splitting technology to approach 8K

Ultra HD technology is becoming a mainstay at CES, so now TV manufacturers are looking for new ways to set their products apart. Sharp Electronics is no exception. 

The company on Monday unveiled a TV that it says goes "beyond 4K" by using a pixel-splitting technology that allows for a higher resolution than most 4K sets and begins to approach 8K, or 16 times the resolution of an HD TV. Called the AQUOS Beyond 4K UHD TV, the 80-inch set is said to produce a wider range of colors than any previous Sharp TV. Cinematographer Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight) was on hand to talk about how the Ultra HD technology shows off his work the way it is meant to be viewed. 

In addition, Sharp showed off in-home versions of its 4K TVs, which will start at a retail price of $750 when they ship in spring of this year. The lower price point of the sets marks an industry-wide trend to make 4K technology more commercially viable. 

Sharp also took the wrappers off the Super Slim 4K Ultra HD TV, which is less than a half-inch thick, making it as thin as some smartphones.

The company's other big announcement was the introduction of a frameless smartphone, AQUOS Crystal, the first smartphone available in the United States from its AQUOS line of devices. The phone utilizes Sharp technology that allows a screen to take any shape. "What kind of crazy restriction is that that every display has to have the same shape?" noted Larry Meixner, president and CEO of Sharp Labs of North America, explaining that Sharp's frameless screens could be integrated into a variety of consumer products, especially automobile displays. "At Sharp, we weren't satisfied."