CFDA Awards 2015: "The Fat Jew" Wears Shorts, Drinks Wine on Red Carpet

Fat Jew CFDAs IG - S 2015

Fat Jew CFDAs IG - S 2015

Instagram star (and budding vintner) Josh Ostrovsky got all fancy for fashion's biggest night.

There are plenty of gorgeous gowns, exquisite jewels and handsome men in crisp tuxedos on the red carpet at the CFDA Awards — and then there's everyone's favorite "Fat Jew", Josh Ostrovsky.

The Instagrammer arrived in a seersucker shorts suit layered over a white mesh wifebeater (to showcase his pleasantly plump beer belly), suede loafers and Karen Walker shades, all while carrying a Louis Vuitton bag and a bottle of his brand new White Girl Rosé — which he sipped elegantly through a straw. (Because, you know, drinking straight from the bottle is slovenly.) He topped the look with his signature antennae braid and bushy beard. 

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But not to worry — Ostrovsky's preppy-Hamptons-vacay-meets-wasted-white-girl ensemble wasn't the least bit off-putting to the fancy fashion crowd. In fact, CFDA's CEO Steven Kolb even posted a selfie with the wine-swilling social media star, captioning the photo: "Look who is a guest."


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Alicia Quarles also got in on the action, asking him during an interview why there's only "white girl rosé." The E! News correspondent posted on Instagram that, "He told me not to worry because there's a black woman in all of us." 

Never change, Josh.