Chad Hurley preaches YouTube gospel

CEO delivers broadband keynote at MIPCOM

CANNES -- Localization, enhanced search functions and ways for providers to cash in on their content are the next objectives for YouTube, founder and CEO Chad Hurley said here Wednesday, urging content players to sign up to the platform to maximize the value of their product.

"For those of you wary of this new, decentralized distribution model, understand that the technology exists to give you the control you need," he said, delivering the broadband video keynote to a packed house at MIPCOM.

"By opening your content to digital distribution, as so many content providers have already done, you gain unprecedented reach and scope to touch new audiences around the world, anywhere and anytime," Hurley said.

He added that YouTube wants to continue to roll out regional sites like the one launched recently in the Czech Republic and "would not take a U.S. centric perspective on the world." He promised content owners their content will be protected with YouTube's audio and video fingerprinting techniques.

Of the recent longform content deal signed with CBS last week, Hurley said that he expects more producers and broadcasters to take up the option of launching similar services.

Three-and-a-half-year-old YouTube has experienced near-exponential growth, Hurley said, citing the more than 900 channels on the platform, with such content providers as Aardman Animation announcing the launch of a "Wallace & Gromit" channel Wednesday.

"Thirteen hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. That's the equivalent of Hollywood releasing more than 57,000 full-length movies every week," he told MIPCOM delegates.

YouTube also is working on ways of monetizing content so that creators who upload their efforts to the site can derive revenue streams, he said. "We do feel it is our responsibility to help content creators get paid."

And for any audience members inspired by his presentation to do business with the global platform, Hurley's advice was simple: "Meet me backstage."