MTV Movie & TV Awards: Why 'The Challenge' Star Johnny Bananas' Interruption Was Cut


"We did it. ... We invented reality television," the reality show cast member yelled into the mic as he interrupted the 'Love & Hip Hop' cast's acceptance speech, though he didn't make the final version of the taped show.

The VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta may have won the award for reality royalty during the MTV Movie & TV Awards, which aired on Monday night, but the victory was not celebrated by everyone in the audience. 

Before the cast accepted their award, The Challenge star Johnny Bananas rushed to the stage to yell into the microphone that his show "invented reality TV." "We did it," the reality star yelled into the microphone, pretending that The Challenge had won the award instead.

Visibly confused as to what was occurring, the cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta brushed off the reality star and continued to recite their speech, thanking their fans for supporting the show. 

Earlier on the red carpet, Johnny Bananas told The Hollywood Reporter that his show's time to win an award was long overdue. 


"We are like the red-headed stepchildren of The Challenge. On MTV, we have been around for so long, 33 seasons, we’ve been doing The Challenge now well over a decade, 13 years," The MTV reality star said. "While there have been other shows that have had these moments of brilliance over the years, The Challenge has been the workhorse that has been there through tough times. It’s like a bad marriage, through thick, through thin. The Challenge has always been there." 

Though the interruption spurred confusion during the show, the actual moment was not shown in the televised broadcast. Sources close to the show said it was cut out to give the actual winners their moment to shine.

The 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards are currently streaming on and across all social media platforms, with Shazam! star Zachary Levi hosting.