Champions' League Soccer Match Sets New Audience Record for Spain's FORTA

63% of the TV audience watched Barcelona win 2-0 over Real Madrid.


MADRID -- The first leg of the Champions' League semi-final, which saw Spanish titans Real Madrid and FC Barcelona face off in a heated duel for the European club championship set a new audience record for Spanish broadcaster FORTA, with 12.5 million viewers and 63 percent of the viewing audience Wednesday night.

FORTA, which groups regional broadcasters throughout Spain, saw its Madrid and Barcelona branches snag 72 percent of their viewing audiences, as fans tuned in to watch Barcelona win 2-0 over its bitter rival.

The most-watched moment, with more than 15 million viewers and 70 percent percent share, was just after the second goal.

Real Madrid will go to Barcelona for the second-leg of the semi-final next Wednesday.