Chan headlines anti-piracy campaign


SHANGHAI -- Holding out a firm hand, Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan stares out of an anti-piracy poster for China that was unveiled Saturday at the 10th Shanghai International Film Festival.

The posters featuring the "Rush Hour 2" star and the message "Save the movies, say no to piracy!" were designed to draw attention to a problem rampant here and are destined for buses, Internet cafes, shopping malls, mobile phone outlets and universities throughout China.

A campaign to distribute 40,000 anti-piracy posters will be launched by the China Film Copyright Protection Assn. and festival organizers and was was announced by the MPA.

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The MPA's estimates show that as much as $1.2 billion in ticket sales was lost in 2005 when consumers in the Asia Pacific region illegally copied films and music.

"This (poster) is an influential public outreach because these stars are popular and loved by their fans, but these same fans buy pirated DVDs," said Eugene Yu, China representative for the MPA.

The MPA estimates the major studios lost $6.1 billion to worldwide piracy in 2005, of which $1.3 billion was lost in the U.S.
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