Chance the Rapper Does Beer Yoga With Kevin Hart: 'It Exists, It's Not Fake': Watch

Beer Yoga with Chance the Rapper and Kevin Hart - Screenshot - H 2018

And they FaceTimed Chris Rock, who was in a movie theater.

Chance the Rapper is admittedly "not a fitness guy." He's athletic, but he doesn't spend any time in the gym, but, like once a month he'll bust out 17 push-ups just to test himself. Which is why he was more than willing to try out something called "Beer Yoga" with Kevin Hart for the latest in the comedian's "What the Fit" YouTube series.

The rapper suggested they get warmed up with a shot of tequila and a beer chaser, followed by a game of the FaceTime Celebrity Game, in which each man was challenged to call an A-list pal and have a real conversation. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson dissed Hart by not picking up, with Migos' Quavo giving Chance the same freeze out. Chris Rock, however, picked up despite being in a movie theater and then proceeded to drop improv comedic bars on Chano. "Chance the Rapper is new to this shit," he said. "He's so new he has to put 'The Rapper' at the end of his name."

Properly lubricated, the men went upstairs to the yoga studio, chilling on their mats with a couple pints queued up in front of them. Their teacher explained that the suds would help loosen them up and relax their bodies while they searched for a mantra in between sips — Hart went with "Hot Pockets," while Chance came up lame with "Yoga" and then after being dinged by Hart, "Mantra."

"What the fuck was that? She said 'mantra' man!," Hart yelled. "Goddamit Chance, you suck at being on the spot. I'm not trying to be in here lit with some unoriginal goddamn word maker!" After the instructor reminded Hart to keep things chill, the group made their way into some beginning positions, hitting tabletop as they pulled their pints in and out for cat pose. As expected, Hart kept a running commentary of jokes, struggling to tighten his core as he held up both beers during warrior pose, then busting out a freestyle about his new favorite sport.

"I'm a gift, open me up/ Get a cup, fill me up/ Beer? Oh well/ I guess I'm gonna fill it up," he rapped while Chance chugged and held a pose. "C'mon man, sign me!" Hart yelped. By the end, a clearly tipsy Hart spilled his beer all over his mat while Chance apologized and said, "This is totally disrespectful to anyone that really does yoga."

Watch the video below. 

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