Chanel Artist on Makeup for Men: "Skin Is Skin"

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Is 2019 going to be the year for men wearing makeup? Chanel says "yes."

New year, new makeup.

That's the motto many women swear by, but will 2019 officially be the year of makeup for men? Chanel is betting on it.

The iconic French fashion and beauty house announced plans in the fall to introduce a mini collection of men's makeup that first rolled out online and in select international locations. This month, however, it hits Chanel boutiques in the United States. The three products — under the brand moniker Boy de Chanel, named for Boy Capel, the onetime squeeze of Gabrielle Chanel — include a foundation (in eight shades); a matte moisturizing lip balm and an eyebrow pencil (in four shades).

Makeup for men is nothing new in Hollywood or even on the runway. Pharrell Williams, a devoted and trend-setting Chanel brand ambassador, rocked guyliner during the Chanel show at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art in December (see above). Other top beauty brands like Rihanna's Fenty Beauty have included men in the conversation, even going so far as to feature tutorials for the male set. 

The Hollywood Reporter Style caught up with one of Chanel's top makeup artists, Tyron Machhausen, to discuss Boy de Chanel, his favorite products and what advice he has for men looking to dip their digits in foundation for the first time. Machhausen, who is based in New York, has worked with A-listers like Jessica Chastain, Gal Gadot, Dakota Fanning, Zazie Beetz, Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington, Margot Robbie and, yes, even Ms. Fenty Beauty herself, Rihanna.

The men's grooming business has been growing for some time and is expected to spike in coming years. Do you think men have gotten more comfortable using makeup and/or grooming products?

Absolutely. The rules of gender representation are becoming increasingly more flexible, thanks to countless male beauty bloggers and enthusiasts alike. Everybody has a desire to look their best, and why shouldn’t everyone be able to use a little help to achieve this goal in whatever way one feels comfortable? 

What's your approach when working with a male client over a female client in terms of applying makeup and how does it differ?

The approach is the same and in most cases, the finish is supposed to be undetectable and ultra natural. Skin is skin!

Have you used the products, and if so, what's your take?

The products are in my kit and I love using them. The foundation goes on so smooth and the skin still looks like skin, which is the most important part for me. It evens out the complexion in an instant without looking made up. The eyebrow pencil is fantastic — due to the unique shape, I am able to fill in the hairs exactly where I need it, and it stays on all day — it's also great to fill in beard stubbles, if necessary. What's great about the lip balm is that it doesn't leave the lips greasy or glossy, rather moisturized and healthy looking.

What's your advice for a man looking to test the waters with makeup or who wishes to dive in and buy these new Chanel products? Where to start? How to do it?

It's a curated line with the essentials, which is great because it is not overwhelming. You have your key products, and they are all super easy to use. Think about the foundation more like skin care — apply it with your fingers as if you would use your favorite moisturizer to even out your complexion. Just one pump is enough; a little goes a long way. When attending your eyebrows, use the brush of the brow pencil to brush up the hairs and fill your brow in just were the hairs might be a little more sparse for a fuller and super-natural effect. And the lip balm doesn't need any explanation — you will love how moisturized and velvety it makes your lips feel.





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