Channel 4, Canal Plus team for 'Homeland'

Peter Kosminsky's Israel-set mini-series

PARIS -- The U.K.'s Channel 4 and French networks Canal Plus and Arte are heading on a small screen pilgrimage to Israel for Peter Kosminsky's mini-series "Homeland," Canal Plus said on Friday (June 11).

The film will be produced by David Aukin and Hal Vogel from the U.K.'s Daybreak Pictures in co-production with Channel 4 and by Georges Campana for Breakout Films with Canal Plus and Arte France on board from Gaul.

The four-episode, 60-minute mini-series is set to air in 2011 on Channel 4 followed by broadcasts on Canal Plus and Arte.

The film follows a young girl from London who goes to Israel after discovering her dying grandfather's journal recounting the horrors of his experience in the British army during the time of the Holocaust.

Kosminsky will mix the fictional story with eyewitness accounts from real British, Israeli and Palestinian veterans.

"Homeland" stars Claire Foy, Christian Cooke, Itay Tiran and Haaz Slieman among the international cast. Kosminsky also wrote the script for the film that will feature a musical score from Stanislaw Syrewicz.