Channel V Taiwan debuts in Hong Kong


HONG KONG -- Channel V Taiwan debuted Wednesday in Hong Kong on PCCW's Now TV, the exclusive Hong Kong distribution platform for all News Corp. sub Star TV channels.

Now TV already is carrying the international, Indian and mainland Chinese versions of Channel V in Hong Kong.

Channel V Taiwan is the top-rated music program in Taiwan, and also is responsible for producing such programs as "Blackie's Teenage Club" and "Lollipop" as well as staging large-scale outdoor concerts.

The popularity of Channel V Taiwan, which also is screened in Singapore, can be seen in News Corp.'s recent deal with Hong Kong-based U.S. firm Artificial Life to jointly develop and distribute mobile games based on "Blackie's" and "Lollipop."

The popularity of the Taiwanese music scene in Hong Kong can also be seen in such stars as Jay Chou, who recently starred in "Curse of the Golden Flower" and previously "Initial D," based on the popular Japanese manga.

"We're excited to extend our partnership with Now TV with the addition of Channel V Taiwan, giving viewers in Hong Kong more choice in quality music television entertainment," said Jason Siu, general manager of Star Taiwan. "Channel V Taiwan has been captivating the youth audience across Taiwan with popular programs and music events."
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