Channing Tatum Loses Free Throw Contest to YouTube-Star Toddler (Video)

"Magic Mike"

"Snow White and the Huntsman's" Kristen Stewart and "Magic Mike's" Channing Tatum (pictured) are sitting atop this new, mercurial A-list -- at least for now.

Viral phenomenon Titus Ashby, who previously defeated Shaq on "Jimmy Kimmel," sinks more shots than the actor.

White House Down isn't the only thing to get the best of Channing Tatum this summer.

During a Spanish TV appearance, the actor took part in a good-natured basketball shootout with Titus Ashby, the two-year-old from Kansas whose basketball skills have made him a YouTube phenomenon.

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El Hormiguero gave Tatum and Titus 45 seconds to make as many shots as possible. Tatum made two, while Titus made 14 on his miniature hoop.

"I'm an actor," Tatum said almost sheepishly after losing. Afterwards, he congratulated the little basketball phenom over Twitter:

Tatum shouldn't feel too bad. Titus easily defeated former NBA pro Shaquille O'Neal in May during a Jimmy Kimmel Live!  contest. 

See both videos below.