Channing Tatum Whips James Corden Into 'Magic Mike' Shape on 'Late Late Show'

Courtesy of The Late Late Show with James Corden

"I'm here for my audish."

James Corden has pretty much lived the American dream: He's got his own late-night talk show, he spends quality time in the carpool lane singing with some of the biggest pop stars on Earth and puts on his own renditions of Broadway shows in the middle of L.A. traffic.

But on Wednesday night, Corden checked a huge one off his bucket list when he got a chance to audition for Channing Tatum's Magic Mike Live show.

Surrounded by a room full of dancers with abs you could grate cheese on, Corden seemed overly confident that he was right for the part at first, while Tatum wondered why the host had shown up for the open call.

"It's the Magic Mike Live auditions. I'm here for my audish, unless you want to save yourself some time … just gimme the job right now, eh fellas?" a smiling Corden said. Trying to be gentle, Channing wondered if Corden was, you know, "Magic Mike material," if you know what he's saying.

A clearly upset Corden then listened as Tatum explained the role's requirements: stamina, sexiness and … abs. "I've got stamina, I've clearly got sexiness and I've got an ab," Corden shot back.

Watch Corden's tryout below. 

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