Charity for Troubled Youth Faces Financial Trouble

Associated Press
James Cameron recently donated $2,000.

UPDATED: Thursday's Child recently got a $2,000 donation from James Cameron, but the group needs to raise more for a new home.

Thursday's Child, an L.A. nonprofit that offers hotlines and hands-on help to troubled youth, is in trouble itself.

It is being forced out of its offices because of an issue with the landlord and has to move more than 50,000 books it has in storage, which the charity sells as a fundraising tool.

James Cameron, in the midst of preparing Avatar sequels, recently donated $2,000 to the cause. He joins a list of past donors that includes the late Walt Disney, Paul Newman, Ashley Jones and Sydney Penny.

Cameron came to the rescue through his connection with Carrie Henn, a Thursday's Child board member. Their connection goes back to 1996 when Henn played Newt in Aliens, which Cameron directed.

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Now 36, Henn has given up acting and teaches in central California.

The group also raises funds by selling or auctioning off movie and TV props and memorabilia. Those recently included a Xena: Warrior Princess costume donated by Lucy Lawless, which sold for $18,000, and a hoverboard used in the movie Back to The Future, which the group was able to sell for $8,500.

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The group's director, Don Austen, says it needs at least $20,000 immediately and hopes to raise $300,000 as a down payment on a permanent home. With its own building, says Austen, it could expand to provide a home to transitional  and homeless children.

The group, in existence since 1982, says that it helps children who are abused, missing, exploited, anorexic, bulimic, suicidal, cutters, runaways, victims of date rape, substance abuse, bullying and "otherwise endangered."

To donate money or movie/TV memorabilia or for more information, go to http:/www./ or call (818) 831-1234.