Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey Celebrated in Hollywood Tweets

Charles Ramsey

The man who helped rescue three women from captivity has been receiving praise, with Patton Oswalt writing: "I totally want to run into your black arms."

Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland man who helped rescue three women after a decade of imprisonment, has become an Internet sensation thanks to his heroics and a colorful interview.

Hollywood too, has embraced Ramsey, who works as a dishwasher and lives in the neighborhood where Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight were rescued from captivity Monday.

Later that day, Ramsey gave an interview with Cleveland’s WEWS. It went viral, and key bits from it have become of the focus of tweets and memes. Ramsey spoke of eating ribs and dancing Salsa with the man accused of holding the women prisoner. He was eating McDonalds when he heard Berry scream for help.

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Near the end of the interview, Ramsey said: "I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway."

The interview received the autotune treatment, and got attention from Hollywood. Patton Oswalt tweeted “Dear Charles Ramsey: I am not a little pretty white girl, but I totally want to run into your black arms,” while Tom Arnold suggested him for Soul Plane 2. McDonalds got in the game as well, tweeting it would "be in touch" with Ramsey.

But the attention has been criticized in some corners as disingenuous.

"Perhaps it's time for the world's meme artists to stop assuming that any black dude getting interviewed on local news about a crime he helped to foil can be reduced to some catch phrase or in-joke," Miles Klee opined at BlackBook. NPR's Gene Demby wrote: "What feels like celebration can also carry with it the undertone of condescension."

On Tuesday, Ramsey appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper: 360, where he said if there is any reward money, he wants it to go to the victims. Asked if he considers himself a hero, he said simply: "I'm a Christian. I'm an American."

Find below what else Hollywood is saying about Ramsey’s heroics.

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