Charleston Shooting: Fox News, CNN Coverage Slammed on Social Media

AP Images

Twitter users took the cable-news networks to task for covering Donald Trump instead of focusing on the massacre.

Twitter users are livid about how America's cable-news networks initially reported the Charleston massacre.

Fox News has been criticized for carrying an interview with Donald Trump as the tragic news came out of the South Carolina city. CNN also has been criticized sharply for running international feeds and being slow to respond. MSNBC and the network-news organizations haven't escaped criticism either, with many people on social media feeling that coverage has been slow and lacking.

Actor Rob Lowe was among the most vocal, blasting the media both for taking so long to report the incident and then for failing to relay key facts in what is now being called a "hate crime" by Charleston police. "The media should be ashamed. 3 hours to get on air and then gives detailed suspect description WITHOUT mentioning his race," tweeted Lowe. He followed up by upbraiding CNN producers for continuing to neglect to mention the lead suspect's race.