Charlie Hebdo to Publish One Million Copies Next Week

Stephane Charbonnier Hebdo Cover - H 2015
Associated Press

The satirical weekly will print more copies of its special issue, up from its usual 60,000 print run

Following Wednesday's terrorist attack at its offices in Paris, satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo has vowed to come back stronger, with 1 million copies printed next week.

Donations of €500,000 will assist the group, with €250,000 coming from a fund run by French newspaper publishers. Google has agreed to match the donation from their “digital innovation of the press” fund, which was created to finance innovative projects in the French media.

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With public support rallying behind the satirical weekly and Facebook groups vowing to buy the paper sprouting up, the number of copies Charlie Hebdo plans to print is a huge increase over its standard 60,000-copy run. The paper will have eight pages, half of its usual 16.

Remaining members of the team will work from the offices of newspaper Liberation, and will receive aid from staffs of CanalPlus and Le Monde, the paper’s lawyer, Richard Malka, told AFP.

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Earlier in the day, columnist Patrick Pelloux revealed that the publication would go ahead in an interview on radio FranceInter. “We will continue. We decided it will go out next week. We all agree,” he said, adding the remaining staff will meet soon. “We need to ensure an even better newspaper, so we will do it. I don’t know how we’ll write it with our tears.”

In addition, distributor Presstalis has agreed to forego commission on the issue to be delivered to newsstands next week.