'Charlie Hebdo' to Print Record 3 Million Copies With Prophet Muhammad Cartoon on Cover

Stephane Charbonnier Hebdo Cover - H 2015
Associated Press

The drawing shows the prophet holding a "Je Suis Charlie" sign and shedding a tear underneath a provocative headline.

Charlie Hebdo will see a record print run of three million copies this week, up from the originally predicted one million and a big jump from the 60,000 copies it usually publishes.

The increased print run follows a global outpouring of support for the tiny weekly French satirical magazine in the wake of the jihadist attacks on its Paris offices that killed 12 people.

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The latest cover was posted Monday night on the website of French newspaper Liberation, which has let the remaining Hebdo staff work from its offices. The cover shows a cartoon drawing of the prophet Muhammad on a green background under the headline “All Is Forgiven.” He is holding one of the now ubiquitous "Je Suis Charlie” signs and sheds a single tear.

The weekly's lawyer had previously said the new issue would "naturally" feature Muhammad cartoons.

The issue will be available on newsstands around the world on Wednesday. The U.S. and the U.K. will be getting the magazine for the first time.

International distribution companies reported more than 30,000 foreign copy requests, up from the typical 4,000. The weekly will make its way to 25 countries and will be translated into 16 languages, staff said Monday.

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Distribution in French-speaking territories is especially high, including in Switzerland, which will distribute 5,000 copies, up from 700. Belgium will get 20,000 copies, up from 2,000, and Quebecois Canada will distribute 1,500 copies, up from its usual 100.

The issue will remain on sale for eight weeks.