Charlie Rose Says RNC Event Has Just Become the "Trump Convention"

Charlie Rose Getty H 2016
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Charlie Rose Getty H 2016

"Trump is something beyond Republican and Democratic politics," the veteran newsman said.

CLEVELAND — Veteran newsman Charlie Rose has covered numerous presidential conventions over his illustrious career, but never one as enjoyable as the 2016 Republican National Convention, he says. 

On Thursday, the final day of the RNC, the 74-year-old Rose told The Hollywood Reporter he has never seen a convention like the current one in Cleveland, but it still does not rank as the most outlandish he has witnessed. 

"I was a young man in Chicago in 1968 — that was a convention," Rose tells THR from the floor of the Quicken Loans Arena.

The 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago featured multiple violent protests leading up to, and during, the event. TV cameras captured baton-wielding police battling protesters. 

Although arrests of protesters were made on Wednesday outside the RNC, no extreme violence occurred. However, two police officers were assaulted and sustained minor injuries during the Wednesday incident, according to authorities. 

Inside the convention Wednesday night, chaos broke out when Texas Sen. Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump. Cruz was booed off the stage for the snub, with many in the audience cursing his name. Cruz's wife was escorted from the floor by security for safety reasons. 

On Monday, the opening night of the convention, Trump's wife, Melaina, made headlines after it was pointed out a portion of her speech mirrored one given by Michelle Obama in 2008. A Trump staffer took responsibility for the alleged unintended lift on Wednesday. 

After all that, Rose says this convention has been "the most fun" to cover. 

"This is a Trump convention, not a Republican convention," he tells THR. "Trump is something beyond Republican and Democratic politics. What the Trump movement is, it's against the establishment, both Republican and Democrat."