Charlie Sheen Following Only 28 People on Twitter

Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

The troubled "Two and a Half Men" star has nearly 2 million followers but appears to be rather picky about whom he's following. Who made the cut?

Charlie Sheen is approaching 2 million Twitter followers, but the troubled actor himself is apparently being very selective about whom he follows on the social media site.

The Two and a Half Men star, who joined Twitter just last week but set a world record for reaching 1 million followers, is following only 28 people. Who has made the cut so far?

Among those he's following are actresses Alyssa Milano and Minka Kelly; actress-comedian Sarah Silverman; funnymen Conan O'Brien, Will Arnett and Paul Scheer; and the Hilton sisters, Paris and Nicky.

Also making the cut are director Brett Ratner, actor-director Sylvester Stallone and Limp Bizkit frontman-turned-director Fred Durst.

Sheen also follows rapper-actor Diddy, and the two shared this Twitter exchange last week:

Diddy: "Can u please send me the address to ur house? Ive been dreamin about a party like this all my life #winning!"

Sheen: "Get dressed my man... sending the driver..!"

No word on whether the meet-up actually took place.

Meanwhile, Sheen, who launched the Internet show Sheen's Korner on Saturday night, also is following three people to whom he's granted interviews: CNN's Piers Morgan, SiriusXM's Howard Stern and NBC News' Jeff Rossen.

San Francisco Giants baseball player Brian Wilson and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. also are on Sheen's "following" list.

Sheen also reportedly briefly followed 20-year-old Modern Family star Sarah Hyland until the actress tweeted: "FYI. I've never met @charliesheen in my LIFE, and hes following me now? Really creeped out. Ew. #notwinning"

Hyland later reportedly deleted the tweet, and Sheen unfollowed the actress.

"The only CS I'm ever talking about again is CS Lewis," she later tweeted. "Classic."

Last week, Sheen revealed that he had signed with, which specializes in celebrity endorsements on Twitter, to start tweeting endorsements. He stands to make $1 million a year, though the company is still in the process of pairing the actor up with a brand or brands.