Charlie Sheen's 'Anger Management': News of FX Pickup Sparks Mixed Reactions

Charlie Sheen Car 2011

Members of the media and TV viewers alike hit the Internet to share their opinions -- and make quips -- about the news.

Charlie Sheen received some good news Thursday: The former Two and a Half Men star's comeback comedy Anger Management has found a home on FX, which will air the series beginning in summer 2012.

The network plans to pair the series with its Men reruns.

If the initial episodes perform well, another 90 will be ordered, as TBS has done with Perry's House of Payne and Meet the Browns.

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The news was met with mixed reactions -- and some quips at Sheen's expense -- as the media and TV fans alike hit Twitter and The Hollywood Reporter's Facebook page to share their thoughts. Among them:

THR chief TV critic Tim Goodman (@BastardMachine)
Don't know what all the fuss is about re: Charlie Sheen's new show going on FX. If I'm FX, I make that deal in a heartbeat. Smart move.

Joe Adalian, West Coast editor for New York magazine's Vulture
@BastardMachine Smart move for FX, yes. I just think I'd prefer to live in an America free of Charlie Sheen comedies. And House of Payne.

Time columnist James Poniewozik
FX picks up Charlie Sheen sitcom; deal could total 100 episodes. I'd advise taping them all in like a week, just to be safe.

AOL TV's "The Show Girl" Maggie Furlong
The details on the latest in ridiculous Sheen news

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The Daily Beast/Newsweek West Coast editor Kate Aurthur
As if my friends at FX publicity's jobs weren't hard enough--now they're adding Charlie Sheen to the table. A true American horror.

Self-described "PR professional" Kristin
Kind of surprised by FX's choice to acquire Charlie Sheen's series. Beginning prayers for my old colleagues now...

Jim Herbert
FX picks up Charlie Sheen sitcom "Anger Management". Hope the treatment works!!

Great cant wait miss Charlie

Self Improvement
Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management Show Picked up by FX: He really is a rock star from Mars.

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John Podhoretz
I can't wait for the new Charlie Sheen sitcom! #losing

Chris O'Shea
Charlie Sheen having a new TV show titled "Anger Management" is like Casey Anthony having one called "The Babysitter's Club."

Avidan Ackerson
Oh, come on. FX may have to purchase 90 episodes of Charlie Sheen's series if the first 10 do well? WHY?

Anthony Perri
Can it get any worse? RT @IGN: FX orders new Charlie Sheen sitcom, Anger Management, based on the Adam Sandler movie 

Mediocre Madame
That's disgusting. @IGN: FX orders new Charlie Sheen sitcom, Anger Management, based on the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson movie

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Thomas Levesque
sounds good. Adam Sandler should guest star with Charlie Sheen.

Evan Michael Dalton
I can't wait! Big Charlie Sheen fan! He's a great actor in both dramatic and comedic roles! He was great on 'Two and a half Men' (the show has REALLY gone downhill without him) and I look forward to seeing him return in this new comedy, which I'm sure will be nothing but hilarious!

Tami Loving

Alex Flores
Can't wait...

Terrie Lake

Maggie Bruno
they should schedule it opposite the "new" two and a half on cbs 😉

Brandon Creeger
Maggie while I agree with the scheduling against CBS in principle... Unless the show is on after football season. Find a night that doesn't conflict with the NFL.

April Olshavsky
Now if we can just get directtv and Fox to settle their dispute, maybe I'll actually be able to watch it.

Mark Edman
wont be able to watch cause direct tv is dropping fx butt probly wouldn't watch it anyways.

Kevin Conway
he's a piece of crap who belongs in jail

Chester Mirador
The only people mad are the ones that thought Ashton was gonna be their great "doofus" savior--HA! Charlie-Winning, 2 and Half ratings-Not.

Cindy Singer Thomas
Good for him!