Charlie Sheen Announces Book 'Apocalypse Me' on Twitter


"Warlock Latin for WINNING," he says of the title.

Charlie Sheen wrote about his book plans on Twitter Thursday night.

"The title of my book has finally been delivered thru vast and extensive Lunar channels. Apocalypse Me," he wrote.

What does the name mean? "Warlock Latin for WINNING."

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Sheen had 1.5 million Twitter followers as of early Friday morning -- the day after he set the world record for reaching one million followers the fastest, in just 25 hours and 16 minutes.

He also still has one trending topic devoted to him: #tigerblood.

Sheen officially signed with Thursday, and will soon begin Tweeting celebrity endorsements. He stands to make about $1 million a year. (He made $1.2 million per episode of Two and a Half Men.)

"He had the No. 1-rated show for seven years. You'd expect brands would be lining up to be involved with him in social media," the company's CEO, Arnie Gullov-Singh, told The Hollywood Reporter.