Charlie Sheen Attempts to Get Ex-Fiancee's Restraining Order Request Thrown Out

Charlie Sheen -24th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar viewing party-Getty-H 2016
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

"Ross is simply trying to stay in the spotlight by filing these outrageous allegations against Sheen in a public forum," lawyers for the 'Two and a Half Men' alum write.

Charlie Sheen is attempting to get a judge to deny a restraining order request from his ex-fiancee Scottine Ross.

Sheen's attorneys filed documents on Monday seeking the denial. The Two and a Half Men alum currently is being investigated by the LAPD for a criminal matter, but no specifics have been released by police. 

Authorities did not identify the victim in the case, but Ross, an ex-porn star who worked under the moniker Brett Rossi, was named by multiple tabloid reports. Ross also is named by Sheen's lawyers in court documents as the person who requested the restraining order.

Ross was granted a temporary restraining order after she went to police, according to court documents filed by Sheen's lawyers. In the denial request, Sheen's attorneys contend Ross has made accusations against the actor in an attempt to get media attention.

"Ross is simply trying to stay in the spotlight by filing these outrageous allegations against Sheen in a public forum," according to court documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. "This is just another way that Ross hopes to extract more money from Sheen ... ."

The LAPD investigation into Sheen started March 31. A search warrant was obtained, but police declined to specify the location in question. The investigation is ongoing. 

Sheen's lawyers stated allegations of threats and abuse made by Ross about Sheen are unfounded. 

"Ross has no evidence whatsoever that Sheen made the alleged threats," according to court documents. "Sheen has repeatedly disputed and denied Ross's prior allegations of abuse. Most importantly, Ross has not had any contact with Sheen in over a year and has no reasonable basis to seek the requested relief." 

In December, Ross filed a lawsuit against Sheen accusing him of assault, battery and negligence, among other misdeeds, not long after he publicly admitted he was HIV positive. Ross claimed Sheen attempted to hide his condition from her when they were together.

At that time, Ross told People she feared for her safety, which is why she filed the lawsuit.