Charlie Sheen to Be the Subject of Bio Channel Special

Warner Bros.

The AETN-owned network will air "Bad Boy on The Edge" Sunday at 9 p.m. - one hour before TLC's rival entry.

Like TLC and numerous other channels, the BIO channel is getting in on the Charlie Sheen saga.

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The  AETN-owned network will roll out a one-hour special, Charlie Sheen: Bad Boy on the Edge, on March 20 at 9PM. Similar to rival TLC’s entry, which will air an hour later on the same evening, the Bio effort will include news footage from a network sit-down (in this case, ABC’s 20/20 interview) as well as interviews with friends and experts. Among the latter: adult film actress Capri Anderson, Bret Michaels and Danny Bonaduce.

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It will chronicle the ups and downs —focusing, of course, on the most recent down— of Sheen’s 30-year career, which includes his firing from CBS’ top-rated comedy, Two and a Half Men. With nearly hourly updates to the Sheen-a-palooza coming from Twitter, Ustream and legal meetings taking place behind closed doors, the special’s producers (Stage 3 Entertainment’s Steve Cipollone, Kelly Ryan and Jordan Schwart) have their work cut out for them.