Charlie Sheen Beats Sarah Palin (and Barack Obama) in Presidential Poll

Public Policy Polling show Democratic voters overwhelmingly back the actor for President over Palin; Republicans would vote for Sheen over Obama.

Americans loathe Charlie Sheen, but not as much as their opposing party candidates, according to a poll published March 17 by Public Policy Polling, rated the second-most-accurate swing-state pollster in The Wall Street Journal.

Only 10% of those polled rate the troubled actor favorably, 67% unfavorably. (Only Rod Blagojevich, Jesse Jackson, and Levi Johnston have ever polled worse for PPP.)

Yet Democratic voters would back him for President over Sarah Palin by a 44%-to-22% margin. Independents vote Sheen over Palin 41% to 36%.

Republicans would vote for Sheen over President Obama, 37% to 28%.

However, in a general election involving Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, Palin would beat Sheen 49%-29%. Obama would beat him 57%-24%.