Charlie Sheen: Brian Wilson to Be Pitching Coach in 'Major League 3'

The Washington Post/Getty Images

The actor donated proceeds from his live show in San Francisco to injured Giants fan Brian Stow.

Charlie Sheen's announcement that he would donate all proceeds from his San Francisco tour stop to injured Giants fan Brian Stow got him off on the right foot with the crowd at the Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium on Saturday.

After Sheen took the stage wearing a San Francisco Giants jersey, audience members responded enthusiastically by donating money -- many handed over $100 bills -- to the cause. When the manager of the theater tried to stop them, fans surged onto the stage, tossing cash into a large trash can.

When the rush died down, Sheen dared his hecklers to face him. An audience member brave enough to speak up was promptly booed by the crowd, and refused to speak any further.

During the Q&A session, Sheen elaborated on his plans for Major League 3, revealing that Giants pitcher Brian Wilson would be his pitching coach on the film. Sheen also discussed his interest in Jaws, saying the movie's famous shark represents mainstream media.

He seemed bitter while talking about Two and a Half Men, slamming Warner Bros. for firing him while he was in rehab and promising to come up a better movie or TV show.

Overall reviews of the evening were positive, with Twitter user funnyclown, who was in the audience, expressing relief afterwards.

"Honestly I was concerned that I may have wasted my money but the SF Charlie Sheen show rocked. #winning," he tweeted.

Added another user, Chad of the Way, "Sorry but seeing #sheen tonight he is not the troll people make him put to be he has a big heart!"