Charlie Sheen Calls Ashton Kutcher 'Terrific' in 'Two and a Half Men'


"It was a little bizarre watching it, but yeah, for the most part I was really impressed with what they did," the actor says.

Charlie Sheen has nothing but praise for his Two and a Half Men replacement, Ashton Kutcher.

The actor -- who was fired from the CBS comedy in March after going on a public rant against his then-bosses -- screened the show's Monday night premiere, which marked Kutcher's first appearance, at his home. (Jeffrey Ross gave The Hollywood Reporter an exclusive account of the event, where Sheen admitted he felt "odd" watching the episode, which featured his character's funeral.)

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On Friday, he praised Kutcher in an interview with Access Hollywood at The Way premiere in Los Angeles. (The movie stars his father, Martin Sheen, and was directed by brother Emilio Estevez.)

"I thought the show was really good," he said. "I thought [Ashton] was terrific.”

He also called his former co-star Jon Cryer "a freaking genius."

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“I think [the show has] got a real shot," he said. "It felt like a pilot. It felt like a really good pilot. It was a little bizarre watching it, but yeah, for the most part I was really impressed with what they did."

The episode revealed that Sheen's Charlie Harper had been killed by a subway train in Paris after marrying his obsessed neighbor/stalker Rose (Melanie Lynskey), who may or may not have pushed him in front of the train.

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The episode was a big one, drawing nearly 28 million viewers. At the same time, Sheen's roast broke ratings records on Comedy Central, averaging 6.4 million viewers.

“It was a big night for everybody on Monday night -- for Two and a Half, for us, for me,” Sheen said. "I think everybody won."

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Asked what he and Kutcher discussed after were caught talking at the Emmys, Sheen demurred.

“Oh, that’s between us. You know I can’t reveal everything,” he said. “We’re just a couple of guys just shooting the s---, you know?"

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