Charlie Sheen Catchphrases Not Destined for 'Major League' Movie

Diamond Images/Getty Images

Despite international popularity, Sheen-isms such as "winning" and "fastball" are not being added to the sequel's proposed script.

With Charlie Sheen's catchphrases starting trademark wars and very much part of the national dialogue, you'd think there would be room for a few in the possible Major League sequel.

Terms such as "winning" and "fastball" would seem like a perfect fit.

But Major League director and screenwriter David S. Ward says that's not in the baseball cards right now.

Ward has written the screenplay for a planned Major League reunion which would feature Sheen and many of his past co-stars such as Tom Berenger. He feels by the time the movie gets made, the trendy phrases might be not-so-trendy.

"'Winning' might have run it's course," says Ward.

"We live in a very disposable culture," he says. "Catch phrases go in and out of vogue. You don't want to date your movie. Besides, Charlie might have moved onto a whole new vocabulary by then."

Sheen would also play Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn. Not Charlie Sheen.

"We don't want to pull people out of the movie and say, 'Hey. you're watching Charlie Sheen,' " says Ward.

As for plans on the movie, Ward and Sheen are waiting for a greenlight from Morgan Creek. Ward says a recent meeting at CEO James Robinson's home with Sheen went over very well. Robinson showed an appreciative Sheen his extensive art collection.

"There is no issue with Charlie," says Robinson.  "Jim likes Charlie and knows that there would be no problem with him. Right now its timing on the calendar."