Charlie Sheen Continues Media Blitz, Set to Conduct Interview With Howard Stern

Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

Like Sheen, the Sirius Satellite radio show host says he was once at “war” with CBS.

Charlie Sheen isn't done talking.

Howard Stern revealed on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Monday that he has "been in touch with Charlie Sheen" and that the troubled actor, 45, plans to call into his Sirius Satellite radio show Wednesday.
One of Stern's producers called Sheen's cell phone and delivered Sheen a message from Stern: "'Tell him I was sued by CBS and I am a warrior just like him and just like him, we have to go to war with CBS and he must call into this show,'” Stern told Stewart. “And you know what, I think on Wednesday he might be calling into the show!
"It’ll be two lunatics right on the phone together," Stern added.
After Stewart told Stern that he's nowhere near Sheen's "lunatic range," Stern replied, "I believe there will be a one-man show where I will get on stage on Broadway and I will reenact the rantings of Charlie Sheen one day!  
“Who is more insane, Charlie Sheen or Glenn Beck?” Stern then asked.
“I’m gonna go with ... the guy whose skin you could flake off and smoke like crack," Stewart said. "I’m going with Charlie Sheen.”
If Stern does talk to Sheen Wednesday, Stewart asked that Stern deliver Sheen this message: “We love you, Charlie. Come home. Please don't hurt yourself.”