Charlie Sheen Earns Mixed Reviews in Boston

The crowd was said to be mostly into the show, though some ticketholders walked out mid-performance.

Charlie Sheen's My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option Tour has been hit-or-miss so far, and Tuesday night's show in Boston may have fallen somewhere in the middle.

According to Rich Shertenlieb, a morning show host on Boston-based radio station the Sports Hub 98.5 WBZ-FM, who live-tweeted the event, some ticketholders walked out during Sheen's performance.

"Leave now Charlie. Here come the first "F**k you!"'s, &a few people are leaving," Shertenlieb tweeted. "The novelty is wearing off. The hot girlfriend just farted."

A bit later, Sheen implored: "Don't leave, I'm not done."

Still, at some point he believed it was going well, tweeting from the stage: "I'm loving this Boston show!!! Tweeting from the stage!! Thank You Boston!!! #WINNING"

And in fact, before some of the attendees began walking out, Shertenlieb wrote that the crowd seemed into it.

"This Q&A session is brutal," he tweeted of what has become standard feature of Sheen's tour. "Amazing this crowd has been way into this with virtually NO planned show material. Guy just asked about Obama."

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Earlier Tuesday, Sheen tweeted that the show was sold out but was still giving away tickets on Twittter.

During the performance, Sheen also tweeted a photo that showed a crowded arena with enthusiastic-looking fans -- but there did appear to be some empty seats, though it's unclear whether that was before or after the walkouts.

However, Shertenlieb noted that he bought his front-row ticket just before the show started at 8 p.m. -- and at regular price ($89.50). He also was told by security that he could bring two fans down to the front row once he got in.

Also during the show, Sheen promised the crowd that he was going to go on the air with Shertenlieb that night. (The announcement seemed unexpected, based on the radio personality's Twitter response.)

Meanwhile, Jersey Shore's Pauly D made an appearance on stage at one point. After he left, Sheen said, "I don't watch his show."

Other thoughts from Shertenlieb:

-- "Cheesy guy with metal guitar shredding. This is the stuff he ditched after he got booed in Detroit. Why is there a scene from Jaws playing?"

-- "Tiger blood, adonis DNA, Warlock, 7 gram rock, trolls, winning...he's nailed every catchphrase in the first 3 minutes."

-- "Second question if the night from host- 'Where did you come up with the word Warlock?' Answer: 'I liked the f**king word.'"

-- "Sheen just brought a guy up on stage with a Mets hat. People are booing dude in hat. Sheen calls ex-wife a crack whore, wins them back."

-- "Was that just a gigantic TECATE ad I saw on the screen behind him? Was my $89 not enough?"