Charlie Sheen Halloween Costumes Reportedly Selling Out at Spirit

Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

The actor-turned-warlock landed a “winning” deal with the company selling merchandise in his likeness, including masks, wigs and t-shirts.

This Halloween, it pays to be Charlie Sheen.

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The actor-turned-self-professed-warlock reportedly landed a lucrative deal with Spirit Halloween stores, as Sheen-themed costumes are flying off the shelves. According to TMZ, Spirit obtained all necessary licenses to sell Sheen masks, tousled wigs (made to resemble his unforgettable coif during the infamous media circus) and t-shirts that read: “Charlie’s Goddess.”

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Sheen himself plugged the merchandise on his Twitter page earlier this month, posting a photo in which he is displaying a mask in his likeness. “Trick or Treat Cadre!” he wrote. “Got my Halloween costume... All set! (yeah… This really confused the kids!!)”

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Reportedly, the masks are a big seller, with several stores awaiting new shipments to fill outstanding orders. A representative from Spirit was not immediately available for comment when contacted by The Hollywood Reporter.

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