Charlie Sheen Hosts Bipolar Awareness Auction at Toronto Show

Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

A signed Toronto Blue Jays jersey goes for $1,000; a warlock shirt for $2,000.

With Charlie Sheen’s tour in full gear, things got interesting at his second show in Toronto on Friday night.

But before the show took place, Sheen made headlines when he sent out several tweets earlier in the day saying that he was organizing a fundraising walk for bipolar disorder from his hotel to the theater before the show. And sure enough, they did.

A large group gathered at Wellington Street at 6 p.m. with the actual walk not beginning until approximately 6:45 p.m., CTV Toronto reports. The walk began from the Ritz-Carlton, where Sheen was staying, to Massey Hall. Sheen, dressed in a Maple Leafs shirt, telling the crowd that they were to donate at least $1 to join his “epic” walk, according to the Toronto Star.

“I was called bipolar. You guys, I’m bi-winning right? I’m not sure what the f--- bipolar even means . . . it’s a psychiatric opinion, which means that to me it’s rooted in judgment,” Sheen said to the fans.

“Stop the Stigma!! Bipolar Awareness Walk!! Please join me at 6pm at the Ritz tonight! Raise money! Raise Awareness! #BIPOLAR #BIWINNING,” read a tweet sent Friday afternoon.

Sheen’s rep told THR: “Charlie wants to bring awareness to bipolar and he has lined up with OBAD to do this walk. And it was totally his idea.” The actor has denied having bipolar disorder.

The show itself was somewhat of a eye-opener, with the actor holding an auction of sorts to raise money for an organization dealing with bipolar disorder. A signed Toronto Blue Jays jersey went for $1,000, with a warlock shirt going for double that, according to an attendee’s tweets.

Sheen exclaimed at one point during his Violent Torpedo of Truth show that, despite Warner Bros. lawyers saying there was no chance the former Two and a Half Men star would rejoin his hit CBS sitcom, “I’ll get that F****’n job back!” Later, he said he’s confident the show will return on TV, but not before admitting that he wants to drop the lawsuit and go back to work for the Eye. Sheen also revealed that he was in a fight with brother Emilio Estevez.

Earlier, Sheen came out onstage admitting “his house is clean,” with “just a few dirty crack pipes and an old musket.”  And that during the filming of the early ‘90s movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off starring Matthew Broderick, Sheen revealed that he was hung over.

Like Thursday’s show, Sheen took a smoke break while the 20/20 interview played.