Charlie Sheen: ‘I Don’t Know What I Did to Piss Everyone Off So Much’ (Video)

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Appearing on TMZ Monday morning, he blasts Leslie Moonves for not firing Chuck Lorre; accuses dad Martin Sheen of speaking “jibberish”; hopes his kids ask him about drug use one day.

Following his interviews on ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today show, Charlie Sheen continued his media blitz Monday, appearing live on Since the interview, Sheen's longtime publicist Stan Rosenfield announced he is resigning as Sheen's spokesperson.

He reiterated much of what he has been saying in all of his interviews: He is “100 percent” clean, but he won’t rule out partying from his life.
“That’s up to me,” he said when asked if he was done with his wild days. “I am not interested in anybody’s opinion or judgment about it.”
He reassured fans of CBS’ Two and a Half Men that he isn’t to blame for the season being suspended: “I am sorry that the powers that be took away your viewing pleasure ...  [and] snatched it from you, like they snatched it form me.”
But he later added, “Whatever part I had in this, I sincerely apologize and whatever part I can fix, I will.”
Sheen – who allowed his new girlfriends, whom he referred to as “goddesses,” to appear on TMZ’s cameras – said he is “fighting” CBS and Warner Bros and that “defeat is not an option ... They took all my gold, used it and said, ‘Thanks, bye-bye.’”
He took aim at CBS Corp. President and CEO Leslie Moonves: “Why didn’t Les Moonves fire Chuck Lorre when he was on a campaign to vilify and destroy me?” Sheen asked.
“I am left like some sucker getting shanked in the yard,” he later said. “I don’t understand what I did wrong besides live a life you were jealous of?”
He said he got criticized in Lorre’s vanity cards and when he fought back in the press, they took the show away from him.
He said Lorre took the show away because of “ego” and “emotions ... He’s got a different brain than I do.”
Asked if he would do the show again if Lorre demanded he stay clean in contract, Sheen said, “Bring it.”
He said Lorre “hasn’t had the decency to call me... explain why you’re making these rash decisions without conferring with your stars. I don’t know what I did to piss everyone off so much,” adding that he delivered “commerce” to both CBS and Warner Bros.
Asked if it’s  OK if a star goes home on the weekend and parties as long as he does a good job at work, Sheen said:  “If it’s improving his work,” who cares? He then cited Aaron Sorkin, creator of The West Wing, who was arrested in 2002 for drug possession.   “They got in my man’s grill,” he said; after that, Sheen said the show drifted into “rose garden and wilted.”
Other points:
Asked why at the time of the Plaza Hotel incident last year, his rep blamed it on mixed medication, Sheen said: “I was asleep when that statement went out. I wasn’t in control of that one. I respect Stan [Rosenfield, his publicist] ... Had I conferred with him, I probably would’ve done something better. I don’t know, he’s doing the best he can.”
He also sent a message to his father, Martin Sheen, who last week compared his son’s addiction problems to cancer. “I respectfully allow him to maintain those beliefs and opinions ... I don’t support them,” he said. “I think it’s the jibberish of fools and he doesn’t live inside my brain ... So, no disrespect, but I am 45-years old... at some point, embrace that.”
As for whether he is worried his kids will one-day read about his wild times, he said, “I hope they do. I hope they say, ‘Dad fill in the blanks, this s--- is gnarly.”
He said he wants to lead by example and teach his kids, but “If my right and wrong is different than everybody else’s, then my kids going to be different.”
He encouraged his children to drink beer if they had any curiosities about it. But if one of his children wanted to try cocaine, he wouldn’t recommend it, however. Said Sheen, “There’s no room for it, there’s no place for it. They wouldn’t survive it, and that’s the bottom line.”
He wouldn’t explain the scandal of two of his vehicles being driven off a cliff in recent months.  He said he “didn’t know if it was someone coming after him or what,” trying to paint a bad picture of him in the press.