Charlie Sheen: 'I Would Have Fired My A-- Too' (Video)

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

The axed "Two and a Half Men" star offers advice to Ashton Kutcher, his replacement on the CBS comedy.

Charlie Sheen said Thursday that his former bosses at CBS and Warner Bros. TV weren't wrong to fire him from their comedy, Two and a Half Men.

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In an interview with Jay Leno airing on NBC's The Tonight Show, the actor said he harbors no anger toward them.

"I would have fired my ass too," he said. "Well, maybe not like they did."

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After going on a public rant against his then-bosses, Sheen was fired in March and replaced two months later by Ashton Kutcher, who joins the show for its upcoming ninth season, premiering Monday.

Asked if he had any advice to offer Kutcher, Sheen replied: "Nothing I could say right here. No, I’m joking. No, no. Seriously, no. It’s hard to give advice to a guy that accomplished. I would just give him a hug and just say, ‘Make me proud, dude.’"

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Sheen is the subject of a roast taped Saturday and airing Monday night on Comedy Central. He said there are parts of the roast that viewers won't see, at his request.

"It was a crack about my mom, and I had them cut it out," he said.

Sheen famously went on several public rants in the spring around the time of his being fired. He also coined several catchphrases, including "tiger blood" and "winning" as well as some non sequitur quotes. Leno asked him one in particular: "I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending I’m not a totally bitching rock star from Mars."

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Sheen admitted the quote was a bit far-fetched.

"Well, maybe Mars is a little far," he quipped, adding: "I don’t know what that was all about about, Jay. I wish I could come out here and just say, like, explain it all to you and all these good people. And it just … I think it would make less sense if I tried to explain it."

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