Charlie Sheen Launches Racist Tweet at President Obama

Charlie Sheen - H 2015
AP Images

Charlie Sheen - H 2015

The actor called the commander in chief "Barry Satera Kenya" and slammed him for filling out a March Madness bracket on ESPN.

Charlie Sheen doesn't think it's very presidential for the commander in chief to be filling out a March Madness bracket on TV.

Sheen addressed President Barack Obama as "Barry Satera Kenya" in a tweet slamming the president for appearing on ESPN for his annual tradition of filling out his NCAA Tournament bracket. Sheen tweeted that the president "won't attend a soldier's funeral" that he killed (presumably by sending him to war) but he had time to fill out a bracket.

The accusation of not attending a soldier's funeral may be a reference to a 2014 email hoax that Obama declined to send administration officials to the funeral of Major General Harold Greene, who was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Sheen is known for colorful outbursts. Last week he slammed Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre for including a claymation likeness of Sheen in the show's finale, saying "I don't care if he lives or dies. It doesn't matter."