Watch Charlie Sheen Join Laura Bell Bundy in Her New YouTube Show (Exclusive Video)

Courtesy Marbaloo Marketing
Laura Bell Bundy

The actress' 'Skits-O-Frenic' variety series, which will feature her singing, dancing and doing dramatic scenes and comedic sketches, will launch Oct. 21.

Laura Bell Bundy is launching Skits-O-Frenic, the actress' own YouTube show, on Oct. 21, and her Anger Management co-star Charlie Sheen is joining her for the premiere episode.

Skits-O-Frenic is a modern-day variety show sprinkled with celebrity guests. Each week, the episode will showcase a different side of Bundy's talents, including singing, dancing, dramatic scenes and comedic sketches. Bundy, who grew up watching episodes of The Carol Burnett Show and loves sketch comedy, says, "Essentially, what I wanted to do with Skits-O-Frenic is create an online variety show."

The former Hart of Dixie actress tells The Hollywood Reporter that her YouTube show will be "a digital channel that looks like Funny or Die but also has music, dance and drama." The idea for Skits-O-Frenic (she says the title represents the brand of what it is she does) popped into Bundy's head three years ago, and she began shooting the series this past May.

Sheen, whom Bundy worked with on 54 out of 100 episodes of Anger Management, "has always been incredibly supportive of my creative ideas," she says. He willingly joined the project when Bundy asked if he would be a part of it. "He's a very generous guy. That's the thing that most people don't know about him," she says of the actor. In the premiere episode, Sheen plays Bundy's therapist and tells her she has "skits-o-frenia: the uncontrollable urge to burst into song, dance, dramatic scene or comedic sketch," after hearing her describe what's going on in her brain. "Essentially, you're f—ed," he tells her.

The creative team is Bundy and two of her close friends, Tiffany and Brooke Engen, who happen to be twins and also worked with Bundy on her Cooter County web series.

"A lot of the stuff for Skits-O-Frenic is based on contrast. How can we take these two polar opposites and put them together?" she says. Two examples she gives are Julius Caesar inside the world of Duck Dynasty and The Crucible combined with Dance Moms.

Following the Oct. 21 premiere, the public will be given the chance to see one episode from each category (music, dance, drama and comedy) in the second week; each week after that, one video will post, alternating between the four categories. Each episode is between 1 1/2 and six minutes long. After season one wraps in three months, Bundy will launch season two with an app, which will feature all of the short- and longer-form content.

Bundy would like to keep the project online and in app form but is excited about the possibility of a live variety-show version to tour.

"I've been acting since I was a kid and performing, but I'm more excited about bringing ideas to life. That's what really excites me," says Bundy of her "brain child."

Check out the exclusive premiere episode below.