Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan in 'Scary Movie 5' (Video)

Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan - H 2012
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Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan - H 2012

The two tabloid fixtures receive a visit from an evil spirit while in bed together.

And now, the footage you secretly wanted to see: Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in bed together for their much-hyped appearance in Scary Movie 5.

A new trailer for the The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films spoof, in theaters April 13, features the two tabloid trouble-magnets experiencing panic of the paranormal variety. As THR previously reported, they are left for the dead in the opening sequence of the film, which stars Ashley Tisdale, Heather Locklear and Katt Williams.

A funny meta-moment: as an unseen evil spirit pins Sheen to the wall, Lohan points and shrieks at the TV when she's shown on a cable news show going to court. A headline reads: "PROBATION REVOKED."