Charlie Sheen Live Tour Details Revealed

Show co-producer Joey Scoleri says the actor is writing his own material, will "riff like an artist."

Tickets to Charlie Sheen's multi-city "Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" tour have been moving briskly, including two sold-out dates at Radio City Music Hall, but what exactly will the former Two and a Half Men star do on stage?

According to project co-producer Joey Scoleri, the actor will "riff like an artist" during a mostly "spoken word," 70-minute presentation.

Scoleri tells E! News, "First and foremost he's an actor and a performer and the funniest guy in America right now, so the show he is working on right now will be largely spoken word, but having heard some of the monologues he is working on right now, it goes from hysterically funny to dark to very thought provoking."

A multimedia component culled from user-generated and fan-generated material will "provide context for the show" that will vary from performance to performance.

Scoleri says, "He will have a guide that he puts together, but it's not going to be exactly the same because the audience in every city is going to be different, the energy is going to be different, and he's going to feed off that."

He adds that Sheen is writing is own material for the act, which he'll recite and tweak on stage, "I don't think it's a script, as much as he is going to riff like an artist. He will probably do most of it from memory, he's that talented."

Sheen added several stops to his tour Thursday, including two dates in Canada.