Charlie Sheen 'Loved' Denise Richards' Book, Fans React

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

The former “Two and a Half Men” actor tweeted in support of his ex-wife’s latest project, but not all readers are sold.

Denise Richards may poke fun at her ex, Charlie Sheen, while making the media rounds, but she sure wasn’t kidding about not bashing him in her new book.

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Sheen not only read her memoir, The Real Girl Next Door, he made a point to tweet his support.

Referring to the mother of his two young daughters as a #HotMomma, Sheen wrote, “Your book rocks!! Never thought I’d say it… but loved it D..! xo c.” The actor also included an Amazon link so that followers could easily purchase the book.

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Despite Sheen’s raving review, commenters on the site were not smitten with Richards’ story.

“If you’re going to write a book, tell us exactly what hppnd [sic] to the marriage. Everything was wonderful in the marriage and then all of the sudden, she had to get a divorce. Did Charlie cheat? Did he start beating her?” Julie Lynch wrote. “What happened to the romance w/Richie? Again, everything was wonderful then all of a sudden, it wasn’t & they split up.”

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One reader called the book “Disappointing” and “Way too preachy,” while another described the memoir as more of an “advice book.”

“This is not a tell all book like you would think,” wrote Becki Green. “All she does is give advice, like 'I do this, I don’t do that and you shouldn’t either.'”

While the majority of reviews were negative, there were a few happy readers sharing their thoughts as well.

“Denise Richards is a class act!” wrote Lynn. “After reading this, you get a feeling like you know her and want to be friends with her… You truly feel the love and devotion she had for her Mom something I personally admire greatly."

Richards’ book reportedly recalls her relationship with her parents in great detail, including the devastating loss of her mother in 2007. Earlier this summer, Richards adopted a baby girl, naming her Eloise Joni Richards in honor of her mother.