Charlie Sheen: 'Major League' 4 Should Include Corbin Bernsen

Courtesy Everett Collection

He is upset that the actor may be omitted from a possible fourth installment of the baseball film.

Charlie Sheen wants to prevent Major League 4 from committing a major snub.

According to TMZ, an outline for the franchise's fourth installment was completed last year and much of the cast -- Tom Berenger, Wesley Snipes and Renee Russo -- have been contacted about roles - except Corbin Bernsen.
Bernsen reportedly contacted Morgan Creek, the film's production company, about reprising his role as Cleveland Indians baseball player Roger Dorn. "Corbin would LOVE to do another 'Major League' but it doesn't look like he's been written into the movie at this point," his rep tells TMZ. "We're hopeful he gets written in by the time it's finalized though."
Sheen, who returns to work on CBS' Two and a Half Men next week, also vowed to do his "best" to get Bernsen in the film, but admitted he is just "hired gun."
"I would love it for him to be in," Sheen told TMZ, "but I ain't the writer or director."