Charlie Sheen Makes Surprise Appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

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The fired "Two and a Half Men" actor interrupts an interview with HDNet owner Mark Cuban -- with whom he has been exploring the idea of a possible reality show -- to hand out T-shirts and present Kimmel with a gift.

Charlie Sheen made a surprise appearance on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday during an interview with Mark Cuban.

Cuban -- who appears on ABC's Shark Tank and owns the HDNet channel -- has previously said that he is talking to Sheen about a possible reality series for his network.

On Kimmel, the host asked Cuban about his talks with the fired Two and a Half Men actor. As Cuban went to respond, Sheen popped out onstage, waving, high-fiving and blowing kisses to the audience, who went wild with applause.

Sheen then kissed Kimmel on the lips and signed an album cover of that night's musical guest, Brett Dennen, which he gave to an audience member. (Dennen later Tweeted a picture of the album cover.)

Sheen then took a seat between Cuban and Kimmel and brought out a bag of Sheen-branded T-shirts, which he handed out to the audience as well as Cuban and Kimmel. Cuban's had a headshot of Sheen with the word "WINNING" underneath, while Kimmel's had a picture of a kitten above the words "I have tiger's blood in me."

Sheen also told Kimmel he had brought a gift for the late-night host -- a mug with a two pictures of a fox, apparently cut out from a piece of paper and taped onto it.

"It's a mug," Sheen told Kimmel. "It's got a fox on it."

When Kimmel asked Sheen for more of an explanation, the actor responded: "I'll let you figure it out my man."

Earlier on Monday, Cuban did talk more about his discussions with Sheen.

"What we do with Charlie will be interesting to see," Cuban told Access Hollywood. "We're going to meet, today actually, and talk some more about what those opportunities are. You know, Charlie's a smart guy and I don't think he's getting nearly as much credit as he deserves for just how much he's manipulating the media and those around him to his benefit and I think that would make a good reality show. So, we're going to talk some more. Nothing's finalized but we're going to talk some more."