Charlie Sheen Offered a Job by Harvey Weinstein (Video)

"He is one of the best actors when motivated," Harvey Weinstein says on "Piers Morgan Tonight."

Charlie Sheen may not be able to get Chuck Lorre to return his calls, but Harvey Weinstein has a job offer.

"I'd hire Charlie Sheen to do Scary Movie Four, Five, Six, Seven ...," Weinstein said on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight Tuesday while discussing The King's Speech Oscar win for best picture.

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"I worked with Charlie Sheen, he is one of the best actors when motivated. You see his performances in Wall Street or Platoon, in our case he did Scary Movie and sent up his own image," Weinstein said.

As for what's next for the actor, who is currently in a standoff with CBS, Weinstein said: "It's hard to judge but he's got a great family with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez and I hope the family and everybody rallies around him and they come up with a good decision."

CBS president Les Moonves has said he doesn't know what the future holds for Two and a Half Men. Sheen has asked to be paid his $1.2 million salary for each the season's remaining eight episodes, which have been canceled.

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"I know Les Moonves," Weinstein said. "Charlie is playing a losing game… Les is holding the cards. Not one show is going to make a difference… Les Moonves knows how to program, how to make a show… CBS under Les Moonves makes a billion dollars a year in a business that people say isn't working. He's a dangerous guy to go against."