Charlie Sheen Purports to Steal Trailer from Warner Bros. Lot (Video)


The actor dresses in a camouflage in a short film shot from his Beverly Hills home.

Charlie Sheen is on a mission in a new short film he made from his Beverly Hills home.

The actor, his "goddess" Natalie Kenley and several members of his entourage (including a stuffed polar bear) conspire to break onto the Warner Bros. lot and steal his Two and a Half Men trailer in a video.

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The two-and-a-half-minute long video shows a camouflage-wearing Sheen as a "Warlock" speaking to a stuffed horse and his "Strike Team Five" before going on "Mission Greyhound." He also flashes to drawings from his kids and signed scripts of Two and a Half Men.

The end shows a trailer being driven down a street, but no word if they actually broke onto the Warner Bros. lot to steal it. “Duh, winning,” he says in a voiceover.

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Sheen earned $1.2 million an episode of Two and a Half Men.

He recently filed a $100 million lawsuit against CBS and Warner Bros. on behalf of the cast and crew.