Charlie Sheen Raises $20,000 for Charity at San Francisco Show

Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

He'll donate the money to a fund to the man brutally beaten outside the Dodgers baseball stadium.

Charlie Sheen raised $20,000 for charity at his San Francisco tour stop over the weekend, his rep, Larry Solters, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Sheen is donating the money to the Bryan Stow Fund. Stow was brutally beaten last month outside Dodgers Stadium.

Saturday's show raised $9,000 from merchandise profits and $4,000 additional from audience contributions when the actor passed around a "Winning" hat. PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen's colorful career

"As a sports fan, Charlie was saddened by the Dodger Stadium assault of Bryan Stow," says Barry Klarberg, Sheen's business manager, in a statement. PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen's wildest tour moments

Sheen is donating an additional $7,000 to bring the full contribution to $20,000. PHOTOS: Sheen's wackiest Twit pics

A check will be given to the foundation later this week.

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