Charlie Sheen’s Roast Wins Social Media Battle

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The Comedy Central special was the most discussed show on Monday night, far exceeding the comments for the premiere of "Two and a Half Men."

A Charlie Sheen-less Two and a Half Men was no problem for the show’s ratings. Quite the opposite actually -- nearly 28 million viewers tuned to the premiere on Monday, garnering the highest ratings in the series' history. Clearly, the CBS show – now starring Ashton Kutcher -- won the ratings battle that night.

But Charlie Sheen and his Comedy Central Roast were “winning” when it came to the social media war for the night.

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The Roast of Charlie Sheen, which aired the same night as the Two and a Half Men premiere, garnered about 400,000 tweets through the night, while Kutcher’s show earned only around 150,000, according to social media monitoring group Visible Technologies.

Social TV analytics platform Bluefin Labs also released numbers for the discussion on multiple social networking sited including Twitter, Facebook, and thousands of fan forum micro-blogs.

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The Roast of Charlie Sheen won the night, accumulating 148,000 total comments, from 98,000 unique authors, according to Bluefin Labs. In comparison, the new season of Two and a Half Men scored 92,000 total comments from 75,000 unique authors. Two and a Half Men didn’t even come in second place overall for the night when it came to social media: Dancing with the Stars, which also premiered that night, beat Men for the night.

Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher even added his own Tweet on Monday night, writing “Man I wish I had the east coast feed so I could watch it with you all... #2.5.” Not to be outdone, Sheen sent plenty of Tweets from his viewing party on Monday night, thanking his friends, fans and roasters.

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“Thank you @comedycentral..! I'm moved... speechless and grateful! (and glad it's over...) Well done my friends. Well done!” he wrote on Monday night.

As for ratings, Sheen’s Roast was the most-watched show in franchise history, drawing 6.4 million total viewers and delivering a 4.5 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic.

But even that accomplishment paled in comparison to Two and a Half Men’s nearly 90 percent jump from last season's premiere episode.

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