Charlie Sheen’s Crisis: 10 Hollywood Publicists Say What They’d Do

Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

THR asked the entertainment industry’s PR pros how to spin and save the “Two and Half Men” star.

The Hollywood Reporter asked some of the industry’s major PR experts their opinion on troubled Two and Half Men star Charlie Sheen at the Publicists’ Guild Annual Luncheon Friday at the Beverly Hilton:

“If he doesn’t think he has a problem, he probably doesn’t need a publicist.”
- Pat Kingsley
“You have to show he’s committed to rehabilitation. Then behind closed doors he has to fix his relationships with Warner Bros., [Men co-creator] Chuck Lorre and CBS. And at the appropriate strategic time, he goes on Leno and be heartfelt and self-deprecating. But this has to be real and funny.”
- Steve Elzer, Sony Pictures
“He needs to keep quiet. But right now I don’t think he’s taking anyone’s advice.”
- Heidi Schaeffer
“I’d keep him out of the public eye for a bit and make sure he’s got his present needs attended to before the press tour begins.”
- Mark Pogachefsky
“I give him the Showmanship of the Year award at the publicists’ guild luncheon and have Chuck Lorre present it to him. Act like it was all a dream, like the last episode of Dallas.”
- Tony Angelotti
“I would worry about getting him a real rehab before a press rehab.”
- Rachel McAllister
“I think he’s crossed the Rubicon, and I don’t think there’s a publicist in town who can bring him back.”
- Vivian Mayer-Siskind
“Have him go to some public place; go to confession with Cardinal Mahoney and have him begin, ‘Forgive me Father, it’s been a thousand years since my last confession.’ ”
- John Di Simio
“He needs to fix his personal issues; make it right with the studio, and then get back to giving America what they want.”
- Lisa Taback
“I’d have him get a singing career in Germany.”
- Howard Bragman, 15 Minutes PR