Charlie Sheen Says He Is on a Drug: 'It's Called Charlie Sheen' (Video)

Excerpts of the ABC interview airing March 1 are released.

Charlie Sheen is providing a sneak peek into a life currently marred by controversy surrounding his recent personal behavior and feud with Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre.

In a special one-hour edition of 20/20 airing on Tuesday, Sheen sat down with Andrea Canning to clear the air.

Sheen, who entered rehab earlier this year, proclaims, "I am on a drug, it's called Charlie Sheen."

"I have one speed, one gear, Go!...I dare you to keep up with me," Sheen adds.

"There's some wrongs to be righted and stories to tell. But people need to hear my side of it,” he says.

A source told the Hollywood Reporter that Sheen picked the program because he saw Canning on the air and "thought she was very fair."

On Thursday, CBS announced that the rest of the season of Two and a Half Men was canceled following Sheen's remarks that Lorre was a "turd" whose "un-evolved" mind couldn't process Sheen's rehabilitation.